Can't copy movie Click

I am able to past all the process with any dvd and clone dvd2 last version or with any dvd and shrink dvd. But when i put it in dvd player:format non supported. Maxell dvd-r. burner lite-on.Can someone help me. :sad:

Hello danitre2,

I had a similar problem with AnyDVD. I have successfully backed up my copy of Click finally with the following steps and apps.

  1. Close AnyDVD if it is running.
  2. Download and install FabDVD Decrypter
  3. Download FreeDVD 1.0
  4. Run FabDVD Decrypter
  5. Run FreeDVD on Video_TS folder that FabDVD created
  6. Burn with your favorite burning software. I used Nero
  7. Test your backup DVD

I hope this helps.

FreeDVD is so out-of-date and is not even needed.