Cant copy movie click

hi…i cant cpy movie CLICK…i load all last update for dvd fab( beta)but when encoding at 67 % that stop and tell mi have read error…i try may by 6 time ,and the same error happen each time…where is the problem…i copy all the movie this month and still not have problem…this is produced by sony again…the problem become when copying vob1_4

Check the first message you posted about this.


I can’t burn the movie Click. With any dvd last version and clone dvd2.Tried any dvd with shrink dvd not able neither.Evryrhing is done but when i want to play it say: Format non suported. Can someone help me.

This is DVDFab subsection you need to go to their sub section and post problem so their users can help you. Both programs have sub sections for their users. If you cannot find them use the forum Search button.