Can't copy morrowind

hi everybody

i have the original cd from morrowind french version (i’m french)
i try to copy it with my burner lite on 32123s with xsox firmware.
the backup doesn’t work.
i scanned the cd with clony wich tells me safedisc ab v2.51
so i lauched clone cd v and made an image with my burner.
i burned the image with the safedisc no aws profile.
the game installs ok but when i want to play nothing happens. i have the main screen where i can select play but after clicking play nothing.
anybody can help me ?


i also have a dvd player pioneer 106s but i think it’s no good for backing up games

well in fact the original game doesn’t play either.
strange i know it works on friends pc.
i just don’t get it…

well in fact the original game doesn’t play either.

If the original game doesn’t work, then why should a backup work :confused:

You should make the original game work before you make any further backup attempts.

GTA3 had an issue with identifying the original, too. Maybe it’s again such a bug :frowning:

well the game loads, loads some files but then everything disappears and then nothing.
really strange


Sounds really like a 3D driver problem.

Check in your directX diagnostics panel, and run all the tests.

Or mabey som games controller is not properly installed?

Best wishes


i runned all the tests , all is ok
i think it’s a harware problem, i have a radeon ve and a lot of problems with it since my motherboard burned 5 month ago, maybe it damaged my gc ?
in fact when i install win xp i must first start in safe mode otherwise i have no screen like if the standard vga or driver doesn’t work, strange. so i must install ati driver under safe mode and then it’s ok.
so maybe it’s hardqare problem. but how to be sure

i think i might test alcohol 120% to copy morrowind , i’ve heard it’s a pretty good soft… ?

Heh, i know your problem, you need ot download the patch in order for it to work. Thats with the orignal too, its a bug on some systems, its not a faulty back up copy, its just a glitch in the game. Download the new patch form the morrowind website.

I have Morrowind english version (Europe) and I tried to copy it with CloneCD 4.2.
I don’t know this program, then I don’t know if I did something wrong, but the game don’t start.
I can install it, but it say that there are errors when I try to play (then windows xp ask me if I want send the error to windows’ support).
The cd seems identical, it has also the same Safe Disc 2.5 protection, but the original works, the copy no.

Please, help me…:bow: