Can't copy "Million Dollar Baby"

Hey!, new to the group. I’ve been trying to copy Million Dollar Baby.
DVD Shrink, gets errors on analyzing
DVD decrypter gets errors on analyzing
Dvd clone and Any DVD both make copies, but they won’t play.
All are installed with default settings.
XP pro
Any help appreciated.

No problems here with AnyDVD/CloneDVD

Wonder what I’m doing wrong?? what settings is yours on?? If you don’t mind.

Clondvd2 and anydvd from elby should work okay. Are you using brand name media? What drive do you have and sometimes you have to try a few different dvds to see what you machine likes. The standard settings on any dvd and clonedvd should be okay.Did you defrag your hard drive lately and get rid of spyware? Is dma set on your hard drive? What processor do you have ?

I bet it is the media. Both of the dvd’s that wouldn’t play came out of a NEW spindle of Sony + R, I’ve never used that brand before. I usually use Phillips and haven’t had ANY problem. That being said, I STILL could not get it to analyze in dvd Decrypter or DVD shrink.
I will get some PHllips dvds and try again later.
Good idea!

whats your burner?

Lite-On DVDRW LDW-451S

If you are getting errors analyzing, it could be a damaged or defective DVD. It happens more and more lately. I had a problem with Beyond the Sea, the whole batch was damaged. Try a CDspeed or Kprobe scandisc on the original to see if there are read errors on the original. I’ve used Sony +Rs and never had a problem, they ID’d as Ricohjpn or Sony D11, both are quality discs. Of course it could be your burner, the 451 is getting old. My 811 didn’t last a full year. By the way, no prob with Million Dollar Baby using AnyDVD/CloneDVD.

Default settings. I copied movie only. DVD is Region 1.

I had a similar problem with a copy of “The Pacifier” Try buring the disc slower. The disc that I burned would play only on a Pioneer set-top DVD player (burned from a Pioneer 109 if that means anything.) But it wouldn’t play on a Samsung DVD/CD Combo, or a NEC 1300a. To many errors on a single span of disc will stop the disc from correctly playing.

DVD shrink also has been taken down, and hasn’t updated in quite a while, same with dvd decrypter. Try it again with Anydvd and a slow burn. (don’t overspeed you media )

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If I can’t rip the thing with DVD Decrypter, I use DVD43 (free version of what AnyDVD does) and then do a REAUTHOR in DVD Shrink, export to a VIDEO_TS folder and burn that folder as a DVD VIDEO compilation in Nero Seems to work.

If the disc is that badly damaged, not a lot of applications will help you. If you can’t exchange the disc, it may be worth while trying something like Isobuster. Failing that, and my personal fav is trying to polish out the scratch - but that should be only ever used as a last resort.

have you tryd a program called vobblanker,if i have any probs ripping,i use that,then dvd shrink and burn with clonedvd2,great little prog for hard to copy films,and im running anydvd.

I’ve been using AnyDVD/CloneDVD with 98% satisfaction. Out of the countless movies I have copied with this software, there have been about 4 movies that I wasn’t able to copy. Three of those movies had a “copy redundancy” problem. The other was “creation of DVD files not succesful”. When I clicked on DETAILS This was the reason: Module 1 navigationpack.ccp 291 TCE (I have no idea what this means). However, these four movies that gave me trouble were EASILY copied using DVDshrink3.2 So now anytime a movie gives me trouble with CloneDVD, I simply copy it with DVDshrink, with perfect results so far.

I had the same problem, same movie. I updated clonedvd2 and anydvd, and the problem was gone …so it should work

I burned it with the latest version of DVDecrypter…

I am having the same problem. At 54% a message reads, “A read error has occurred while reading a file. The file may be encrypted or cannot be read correctly by the DVD device. If you are using a decypter, you may need to restart it before running 1ClickDVD Copy.” I know it’s a decryption problem. Am using AnyDVD.

No, it could as well be a bogus error message. I suggest you try elby CloneDVD2, at least to see, if you get a different error message:

It’s got to be the disc, has nothing to do with your media if you are talking about analyizing it. Sony blank dvds are great never had a problem with them, and I have backed this film up fine in the past.