Can't copy many R2 titles?


i’m running anydvd and getting immense problems with either the software or my burner in that when i’m putting in R2 titles, i’m getting a long error: warning! failed to read dvd! several reasons:

1 - dvd media is dirty
2 - media is damaged
3 - rpc2 drive blah blah

my burner is a matshita UJ820s drive - i’ve looked on and that particular drive isn’t listed - though lots of other ones are… including the UJ820b/d and the UJ825s

anyone else have any thoughts on this?

hey i set my region in device manager and now it works ok… but i wonder what happens if i slip in an R1 disc now…

@ corcoran,

It is a know fact that there are region problems with Matshita (Panasonic) drives.

It appears that the only real long-term fix is to purchasing an external USB DVD drive or external caddy & an internal IDE drive.

Best Regards,