Can't copy LVC-9006-made discs

My LVC-9006 works beautifully. The DVDs I make on it, copying from my own VHS tapes, play fine on the machine, on several other standalones and on a PC (with winDVD). But I can’t copy the discs on my PC…not with Nero, or DVDFab or DVD Decrypter or neoDVD, etc. (The error messages vary with the software, but plain ole’ “failed” is the most common.) I’ve tried both direct-to-disk and a number of variations of image to hard disk. (The image approach sometimes succeeds in getting the files onto the hard disk, but even then, they won’t burn to a disk.) I’ve even tried copying un-finalized disks. I’m using DVD-R media.

Has anyone experienced, and solved, this problem?


If you are getting CRC errors they will play ok but won’t copy in a PC. You could try DVD Decrypter with ignore read errors turned on. Sounds like a media problem, you could try cleaning the DVD’s also.

I tried a branded -R blank and everything works fine. Haven’t tried cleaning the others yet (they’re still stacked on their original, covered spindle), but I guess this shows the peril of buying no-name (if oh-so-cheap!) media. Funny, though, that they record and play OK (I’m still using them to make copies of the DVDs I’m making on the LiteOn with the branded blanks)…they just won’t work as the source for copies.

I posted this same question on several other forums (before discovering CDFreaks) and got all sorts of bizarre, worthless responses. THANKS, jm!

Glad it worked out for you!!

I’m having this exact same problem…

I see that the person above solved it by buying name-brand DVDs. But I spent over a hundred hours creating 80 home video DVDs from family videos (using generic, yet compatible DVDs), and now I need to make back-up copies of all of them.

Like the person above, I haven’t found one program that will duplicate them.

If anyone else has found a solution to the problem of not being able to copy off-brand DVDs created in the LiteOn LVC-9006, I hope you’ll post it here.