Can't copy ISO



Hello folks,
i am trying to copy an iso image onto my external freecom hard disk but i keep getting an error message suggesting there is not enough space on the disk even though i do.
the size of the iso image is 4.3Gb and i have more than 50Gb of free space on the disk.
i have gone through a lot of materials trying to get a solution but they just do not match.
first i have read somewhere that, with a Fat 32 formatted disk like mine, i can only copy up to 4Gb of data at a time but this can not be true because, i have been able to copy up to 22Gb of a folder containing data at a time onto the same disk.

please help me because it is just driving me nuts.

thanks you all.


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

FAT32 has some limitations. Even if you copied 22GB of files, I guess that none of these files was more than 1 GB in size. 22GB was the total dimension of the folder, but the FAT32 limit is in the size of a [I] single file[/I], not the sum of all files.

To copy a [I]single 4GB file[/I] on a FAT32 drive is not possible.

You can convert the drive into NTFS (it can be done with the DOS command “convert” without loosing any data) or you can split the ISO into chunks with WinRAR or 7-zip :slight_smile:


mcacgh wrote,

please help me because it is just driving me nuts.

I’d take the advise given, and convert to NTFS…
I think you’ll be a happier camper…:wink:


Thank you all.
the information was really helpful. i am really grateful.


thank you folks.

the explanation was really helpful. i am really very grateful.

thank you so much.


You’re welcome :bigsmile: