Can't copy House of Flying Daggers

Only DVD I’ve had a problem with, I’m using 1click DVD copy.
I noticed in the CSS keys it never shows one for this movie.
Any ideas?


What version of AnyDVD are you using? What is the exact problem you are having?


It will copy to the temp folder, but just won’t write.
Tried it both compressed , and dual layer, same result, won’t write.
I really think it has something to do with there being no CSS key for it recognized. All my other burns show a CSS key.

What error message are you getting? Post your log.

Just tried burning it again, with a dual layer blank.
Reads the DVD fine, when I tried to write the disc, I got an “Out of bounds” error, no details.
Get the same result with compression.

Using a PLextor 716 UF

condumb, you said you are using The latest version is Try that and see what happens.

or you can use the latest version of dvdfab decrypter, it´s Sony ARccOS protection

As this is the AnyDVD forum that comment is not overly helpful. I am sure the forum member who has the problem with AnyDVD would like to be able to use the software they have purchased to backup their movie.

abrown15: you´re right, but dvdfab decrypter is free. the lates version of anydvd works well

Hi :slight_smile:
Don’t know if you already have but get latest version of AnyDVD & it may be worth trying something like CloneDVD2 it’s what I use & worked on said DVD backing up to both DL +SL