Can't copy HIM Album "Razorblade"



I can’t copy the album “razorblade” from him.
There must be any copy-protection ?!?
Does anyone have a hint ?


it is infact copy protected . as customers are even having trouble using the original cd in some players , the release firm has been persecuted in justice for selling cd that dont work and do not respect red book standards. there is no way to copy it as far as i know


You can change the CD in the store where you bought it for a non-copy protected one. Just say you’re having trouble playing the CD, and they’ll give you a new CD free of charge!


I can confirm what Crazy Bob says… the record company desperately shipped unprotected copies of the album to the cd shops to replace the protected cd’s of unhappy customers.
Just DON’T say you couldn’t copy it (doh ), say it didn’t work in your cd player and/or in your car cd player and they’ll exchange your copy for an unprotected one.
Yeah their “cactus” protection works

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