Can't copy Herbie's back (french version)


I tried two times to copy the movie of Herbie’s back, with Lindsay Lohan (don’t know the exact title in english).

I use the last dvdfabexpress.

I use the last firmware of my burning rom. Antivirus is disabled.

The copy process start good in movie only mode, the software works fine good until to insert a blank media disk, the bunrning process works good, but at the end, normally the disc have to be ejected, but that’s not.

The success message appear, but the disc is not ejected and when I try on the standalone player, it cannot read it.

I use the same media every times, and all other copies are ok.

Is that possible the this DVD have an other protection ?

Someone have an idea ?


I have successfully backed up Herbie’s Back UK version using so I don’t think you should have a prob simply by using lastest version! May be you have a bad original? Or Bad Medium!

Strange, because the medium are the same that i used to copy every other Herbies’movie at the same time, for all of them: no problem, only for Herbie fully loaded the player cannot read it.

Thank for your post.

I ll try again.


A couple of weeks back, we had a number of folks with finalization issues. The disc would burn ok and finish…it just wouldn’t finalize and eject. It was a firewall issue and related to VSO phoning home stats to their data base. Some firewalls seemed to lock-up the finalization process, others, such as mine, no problem. Anyway, you may want to take a look at this.

Hope this helps,


Thank you maineman !

I’ve disabled the windows firewall as you explain in your post and now the finalization is ok and the copy works pretty good.

Thank you for help ! :clap:

(sorry for bad speaking, but english is not my maternal language).

Glad we could help. BTW, I think your English is excellent, especially when considering, it’s not your native tongue. Hell, you write better than some Americans "I’ve met… :stuck_out_tongue: