Can't copy Half Past Dead



Has anybody had any success with copying or making an ISO of Half Past Dead? If I try it with DVD Shrink I get a cyclic redundancy error 54% into the analyzing process, and if I try just making an ISO with DVD Decrypter it gets about halfway through the process and then just gets nonstop read errors and can’t finish. The DVD appears to be just fine from a cosmetic standpoint (no scratches, smudges, fingerprints, etc.) Does anybody have any suggestions?


there is something wrong with the disc

i made a back-up of mine, with out a problem


Hmm, I had the same thing happen earlier today when trying to back up The Order so I was hoping it was something else other than that. Of course it’s always entirely possible that I just got two bad discs of two different movies. I guess I’ll just chalk it up to bad luck today and hope it doesn’t happen again too soon… :slight_smile:


Unless the disc is scratched some kind of way then you shouldn’t have a problem. I did that movie a while back the same way with no problems.


so far the only movie that i came across with structure protection was resident evil 2