Can't copy Fun With Dick And Jane!

I’ve been trying to copy Fun With Dick and Jane without success.
I have Any DVD
Can you guys tell what might work to remove protection.

You should upgrade to the latest version of AnyDVD ( at the time of this post,) and if that doesn’t work, email the IFO files to Slysoft.

try dvd shrink it’s free and copy’s any dvd with protection

download it here free

this would have been good advice 2 years ago!

please note that dvd shrink is dead software and has not been updated in roughly a year (give or take)

there are a number of protections that have emerged since dvd shrink has discontinued development, thus this program does not work on MANY new dvds. saying it will copy any dvd that has protection is completely false.

it’s transcoding engine and the ability to trim by frame remain useful tools, but it’s decryption capabilities are far far far behind the times.

noooooooo :sad:

R.I.P dvd shrink <3

Try dvdfab or Nero recode havent got this dvd so unable to try for you.

Latset film i shrinked was Harry potter 4 which ws fine with it :expressionless:

btw: That would of been good advice “1 year ago” then :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a thread I started a few days ago.
At first anydvd would not recognise fun with dick and jane. I got a different dvd and backed up the entire dvd with both full and wide screen with all the extras with NO problem at all. I think you and I just got a bad dvd even though it may play okay. I used the latest anydvd and clonedvd2 from slysoft with sucess. Good luck.

There is a new release of DVDFab Platinum v2.9.7.6
I used with out a problem. The DVDFab Platinum history is posted below from the website.

(04/14/2006) Version Updated!

New: If there is a reading error when copying (like disc is scratched), user can choose Ignore, Ignore All, Retry, or Abort. (DVDFab Express)
Fix: “Enable DMA” window will be shown when DMA is already enabled, in certain cases.

(04/05/2006) Version Updated!

New: Improved “Sony ARccOS protection” detection and removal engine.
New: Added removal of fake VTS and PGC automatically.
New: Added support for a new Sony ARccOS protection as found on “Nua Doi Huong Phan” of Thuy Nga.
New: Added support for a new Sony ARccOS protection as found on “Transporter 2” (R2).
New: Added support for a new Sony ARccOS protection. It is possible to be used on unreleased “Basic Instinct 2”.
Fix: Several minor problems.

any dvd worked fine with shrink and willing to say the same as for clonedvd too.

I uses DVDD with the PSL plugin which made a PSL2 file. DVDD & Recode then handled it fine.

At first I am almost sure I had a bad dvd and got a different dvd and had no problems backing up this dvd with anydvd and clonedvd2.

I have “DVD neXt Copy” and “1Click DVD Copy” and both of them will not copy this movie correctly. It is very strange. Both programs get past the protection but when it copys it says it is copying the full movie but once you go to burn it does not copy the video. It only copys extras and previews. It is very strange. Can some of you please help.

Thanks alot

yes, it is the newest most bizarre copy protection i have seen. the chapter indexes are all over the place, and the “main movie” is a scant 6 minutes, with much of the data in “VTS” files. Interesting indeed, tho I can not help thee… I use dvd region and CSS free, which usually allows ANY program to copy dvd’s. it runs in the background, allowing even Nero Recode to work fine.

then its structual protection. Use anydvd ripper to sort this out. even after the trial runs out (i believe) you are able to use this function

I had a slightly different problem in backing up this dvd. At first anydvd would not read it at all. I did not try to rip it with anydvd what I did is get a different dvd and backed it up with the full screen and wide screen versions with all the extras with no problem using the combo of clonedvd2 and anydvd from I do not think its any new protection - my guess is the dvd was messed up during the pressing or manufacturing process. Good luck.

I have had this come up before with the movie ‘The Forgotten’ it is only with sony branded movies. They have a CSS encryption, as explained here:

DVD Shrink does work as a secoandary if you can get all the compressed files to your hard drive. But since the death of it I use Any DVD and it works great!

I have done everything with DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter in the Past 15-18 months.

I been making dual layer full dvd copies with zero compression of my online dvd rentals place like Netflix.

I was getting hit with new dvds not working then I added DVD region+CSS Free and it went away.


Install DVD shrink and DVD Decrypter


Just add DVD region+CSS Free newest version to your computer

I got from p2p a hacked copy so it does not end in 30 days

this will get you passed that Sony ARccOS stopping you from copying that Fun_ with_ Dick_ and_ Jane and other new copy protections out.

I have done 400+dvd in 18months and no I dont sell, I dont like tv ads so I just get tv shows by the season on dvd so I just do dvd watching mostly .

Its alive and well still

you should probably read the forum rules before you make anymore posts. I can’t even count how many forum rules you just broke.

If you download DVD Region + CSS Free it removes all cpyright information and that sony encryption. it will work with any dvd software and if it doesnt just go to the programs tab on it and add what your using. it is really helpful.

p.s. i am having a problem with dick and jane too, when i get like 1 sec left my dvd shrink says " DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Failed to read file “I:/” Data error (cyclic redundancy check).