Can't Copy From Cable



I have a JVC DR-MV80B video recorder (not listed in the drop down
JVC recorders products). Unlike my old Panasonic DVD recorder, this
one can’t record movie channels, Turner Classics, or even PBS channel.
Will only record onto DVD-RAM and certain DVD-RW disks. Question:
Will any of the Sima “digital copy stabilizers” allow me to copy movies
from HBO etc, onto DVD-R? Don’t want to waste $120 if it won’t work.


I use both a Sima CT200 and Dimax Grex both work fine.


@CCRomeo , I don’t have the Sima CT200 or any Sima . Do they also remove the broadcast flags ?
Also in looking up some info today on the grex I find the best it does is using Y component analog .Is the same true for the Sima CT200 ?