Cant copy Encarta 2000



Im having trouble copying encarta 2000(microsoft usa vers.) I tried nero, winon, blindread, fireburner, iso buster, clone cd easy cd creator 4.0 and nothing it hangs when it finds error blocks, i thought it was th cd, i tried another original and the same thing. hellllpppppppp!!!

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Mayby your aspi layer is corrupted, or a virus ?

i suggest you install a new os.

otherwise you can never burn again.



What kind of advice is that? I can burn anything else except for that! it has nothing to do with my OS.

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What kind of advice!

You said it yourself, you have tried many other originals and you’ve got the same problem. it will not copy? at least that is what you write?

So thats why i think there is a big prblem, most times that problem only gets solves with starting over with a brand new OS.

And also Nero does not do a good job if there is other burning programs on your hd.
well most of the time is works great but some times it hangs.


otherwise is misunderstand your question?


This is a protected cd. In order to copy it you need to copy the cd to your hard drive and replace one of the .exe files with a fixed version. I think the file is called Kalisti, or something like that. I don’t remember exactly. Try searching for the crack in the atla vista crack search engine.


sure it is kallisti.