Can't copy Eight Below

I’m using 1ClickDVDCopy with the latest version of AnyDVD.

I’m able to make a copy of Eight Below on my hard drive and play it with JetAudio, but 1Click hangs when it tries to write the movie from disk to DVD. Google makes it sound like I need to use DVDDecryptor.

Has anyone been able to copy it with AnyDVD?


If 1click fails to write to disc, this cannot be AnyDVD’s fault. Its job was finished when the DVD was read.

AD does it’s work :cool:
your burner doesn’t :sad:

I used DVD Shrink and had no problems.

What Version of 1Click are you using ?
Current is v.

It sounds like your just having “burn” issues -
Post a >> F7 log session of the attempt .

You shouldn’t have any trouble with this one
… using the current AnyDVD and the current 1Click


Combination of DVD Shrink (Ripping, encoding, Shrinking) + AnyDVD (protection remover working in the background) + Nero (for the writing ripped files) stands as trouble free and reasonable combination for this purpose.

yes that is good
that combo works currently on all most recent releases esp disney

Used AnyDVD, DvdShrink, and burned with Nero. No problems. AnyDVD is not your problem.

Also used AnyDVD and CloneCD. No problems whatsoever.

I copied Eight Below using 1ClickDVDCopy Pro and AnyDVD and had no problems.

Writing problem is most likely not a software problem. Could be your burner or the media quality.

I tried copying this movie on a W2KPro computer with 123CopyDVD and it also failed to copy it. I was able to use it and 1Click to copy other movies I had saved to disk on both W2K and XPPro. There is something screwed up with the 8below files because both programs actually wrote what appears to be duplicates of the files on disk to the DVD media. But they are not playable and I had to abort both programs.

But I am able to play the movie from the disk files with both JetAudio and PowerDVD.

Very strange. I don’t know how the files are corrupted. And I’ve tried both ways of burning the movie with 1Click; direct to DVD and writing it to disk first.


Check and see if you need a firmawre update. There is no problem backing up this title at all with any back up program so this is a hardware issue you are haveing I do believe.

Used AnyDVD, DvdShrink, and burned with Nero. No problems. I agree - AnyDVD is not your problem.