Cant copy dvd

hello there

i used to have no problem copying dvds now i cant copy any ive got clone dvd + nero 6 the only thing i can think i have done id the windows update and iam using qp DVD+ disks i have the ricoh mp5125ait copys down to the hard drive then only burns about 15% then seems to buffer underun i have the new aspi drivers

any ideas

regards jimbo

ps ive just tried to to copy using alcohol 120 it went to 46% then failed got this error log

20:43:37 Processor info: AMD Duron™ Processor (901MHz)
20:43:37 Memory Available to Windows: 523,760 KB
20:43:37 Memory Buffer size: 128 MB
20:43:38 Image file loading: C:\Documents and Settings\jim\My Documents\Alcohol 120%\PETER_KAY_LIVE.mds
20:43:38 DVD Source Info: Session: 1, Track: 1, Length: 3.89 GB / 452:59:07
20:43:59 (F:) RICOH DVD+RW MP5125(0:0): Recording Method/Speed
20:43:59 Recording - DVD DAO - 2.4X (3311 KB/Sec)
20:54:24 (F:) RICOH DVD+RW MP5125(0:0) - [Write ERROR] LBA: 956064, Length: 16
S:KEY - 04/08/03 - “Logical Unit Communication CRC Error (Ultra-DMA/32)”
20:54:25 (F:) RICOH DVD+RW MP5125(0:0): Recording failed!
20:54:25 Error message: [04/08/03] - Logical Unit Communication CRC Error (Ultra-DMA/32)
20:54:25 (F:) RICOH DVD+RW MP5125(0:0): Recording failed!
20:54:25 Image file loading aborted!
20:54:47 Something is wrong with the recording procedure!
Please check the log file

any help

this will seem long and complicated but it really shouldnt be.

first put a dvd disk in and highlight it or check its properties and if its one that it is having trouble with, it will probably say that it has like 7.51 gigz of stuff on it. THis may seem ridiculous but its a protection called dual layyerd. To get around this, you abviously have to make the information smaller or rid of it completely. For this you should d/l Dvd Shrink 3.0 Beta from here

this is mostly self explanitory. U can compress files to different sizes from no compression wich is the least, to still pictures which is the most compression. Also if you uncheck something it will completely rid itself of it. Always compress extras first and then compress the movie if needed- ive noticed that compressing lessens the qualtiy a little but automatic compression is fine on ure movie.

After compressing click backup and if the file is small enough it will all work out (you can tell by if the green bar is full at the top and there is no red). Also note that a 4.7 gb disk is only actually about 4477 mb big (like when u got a 40 gb hardrive and it says its only 37.8 gb big). So click backup and it will prob take 40 min or so.
After you have made the image, go into nero and select dvd maker or w/e. Select all the files in the image (it will be chopped up) and then make a copy and u should be good to go.

For a more detailed guide and other stuff go to

Good luck and best of wishes
reply for any probs or questions:confused: Good Luck!!!:bigsmile:

his problem has nothing to do with the size of the dvd; u can see in the log that what he’s trying to burn is already 3.89gb. also, dual-layered isn’t a protection, it’s simply a way to increase the capacity of a single disc.

jimridley: have u tried using different media? u might also want to try burning the image with dvd decrypter.

thank you to you both

i will give both options a go, i have changed my media but it seems to stem back to the windows reinstall - upgrade

thanke again jim

changed my media to bulkpaq x4 the disk will now burn to around 65% before it dumps it the strange thing is i can still play the wasted disk up until the failed section

any idea’s


I have the same problem in Alcohol. My burner is an ASUS DRW-1608P2. Any help?
Thank you.


I would try a Verbatim disc as I it sound like a media problem.

I have some Bulkpaq media here that I use to rest my drinks on, tried to burn it in all my burners (PX708, PX716, BQ1620) and it failed. Only the BenQ 1640&50 burn it BUT only when using autostrategy with them to ignore the built in media codes.

One other thing to check is that you are not using only the standard Microsoft drivers for your IDE channel. If you use IDE accelerators they usually mess up the burning as they dont fully support ATAPI commands.