Cant Copy DVD



I am trying to copy DVD ‘In the valley of elah’ and havent even got as far as copying to hard drive yet. I have tried every setting on every program I have and all crash and burn at 67%, always on VTS_01_4.vob. Are there any programs you can recommend to help me on this one (preferably free, if not still mention). Thanks.


Hard to recommend something when we don’t know what all you’ve tried. The standard decryption/ripping tools for dvds around here are DVDFab and AnyDVD. There is a free version of DVDFab, found here:
And if you haven’t ever tried it, there is a free trial for AnyDVD available for download.

Do you get an error message when trying to rip? Have you inspected the disk for dirt, smudges, scratches?


I have used DVDFab, DVD Decrypter, AnyDVD, CloneDVD, Nero. I have cleaned the disc numerous times and nothing seems to be working, anyway the disc works because I watched it on my DVD player. I even tried a combination of AnyDVD and manually copying and pasting the files in windows explorer and running them through IfoEdit, which worked for VTS_01_1-3 but VTS_01_4 could not be completely copied. There must be some program for this type of situation on the web somewhere.


You are using the latest DVDFab HD decrypter or Platinum right? Is it a new disc?


What disc is it, what region is it, more information is required.


He mentioned the movie in the first post: [I]In the Valley of Elah[/I].

One of our members, sneakers, has a post here that mentioned he ripped this movie successfully with DVDFab, but I don’t know if it is the same region.