Cant copy DVD with new player "Source content is copy protected"


Here is my situation. I copy DVDs for personal use as follows:
I put the movie i want to copy into my mintek dvd player. I take the output of the mintek and run this into a DVD-recorder as line input1. I have done this for years. However, the mintek quit working. I replaced broken dvd player with a dvd player GPX D1816. Again, i take the output from the player and run it into the “line input” of the dvd recorder. Using the new player GPX D1816 i get the “Source content is copy protected” and i can not record.

Any ideas why this is and how to get around it?

Welcome welchs101,

although your problem is copy protection related I’m moving your thread to our Digital Video Recorder & Home Entertainment forum. I think you’ll get more help there and probably you’ll need an extra device which removes the protection between your dvd player and recorder.

ok…thanks. the strange thing is with the Mintek i never needed this extra device…very strange.

I read somewhere maybe even at cdfreaks that some old players weren’t following the specifications which dvd player companies had agreed with to prevent you from copying discs like you did. So they didn’t implement the feature which prevents you form copying the dvd. They got banned from the market by some lawsuits but I’m not sure here maybe I got something wrong I’m not into this kind of copying dvds. Someone else will have more knowledge here.

Thanks for the responses so far.

Just curious …where is the digital video forum… links?

You’re already in the Digital Video Recorder & Home Entertainment forum :wink:


I read somewhere but cant seem to find it again about hardware devices you could put between recorder and player to remove copy protection…does anyone know about such devices?

Sure I have both a Dimax Grex and Sima govideo Ct200 and both will do the job.