Hi Guys,

I’ve just bought Bewitched, (Don’t Laugh, My wife wanted it) but i find i can’t copy it, I usually use DVD Decryter as i have found it up to now to be the best at copying DVD’s, So i was more than suprised that it didn’t work.

I have a feeling that it has the new Rip Guard protection on it, so does anyone know how to get round that, or is there a more up to date copying software that gets round all these copy protections. If memory serves i found i couldn’t copy Bruce Bigalow European Gigalow also, at the time i thought it was a problem with the disk but it played fine.

I have also tried DVD Cloner III and that failed also, Any ideas would be greatly appreciately.


i backed it up with anydvd and clonedvd and clonecd with +r dl media for wife too. had no problems with this movie when it first came out.


Download the trial of anydvd, and use anydvd ripper to remove protection. Im also under the impression the you are able to use any dvd ripper after the trial ends.


Hey thanks guys, Just in the process of installing Any DVD, Watch this space


you shouldn’t be surprised that dvd decrypter doesn’t back this up since dvd decrypter is a dead program! same goes for shrink.

use any of the decrypters that are up to date and regularly updated and you’ll be fine.

dvdfab (free) and anydvd are most often recommended on this forum.

i use anydvd and clonedvd2 and haven’t had a problem in MONTHS


also i don’t think bewitched was ripguarded, but I do think it had a newer Arccos protection on it.

the anydvd window will also tell you about the protection that is on the disc…pretty neat :slight_smile:


The above reply is 100% correct.

Ripguard reportedly first appeared on Disney’s “Madagascar” DVD (at least in Region 1).

“Madagascar” was released quite some time after “Bewitched.” The DVD of “Bewitched” was already on the store shelves, and had been discussed at length on many of these forums for quite some time by the time Ripguard even appeared.

The DVD “Bewitched” is Sony’s ARccOS protection. Like any Sony ARccOS disc, DVDShrink by itself will fail and give you a meaningless error message. The DVD “Bewitched” is a minor variation of ARccOS which came a bit later, which means that that it also cannot be ripped by DVDDecrypter without some sort of help. Do a search, and you will find lots of discussion on this disc, from many months ago. You will also find many possible ways of backing up your original disc. Or, look at some of the posts above, and see if any of those possibilities will yield a clue.

But to clarify, and to correct the thread title, the DVD of “Bewitched” is most definitely NOT Ripguard. It is ARccOS.



Thanks for all your help guys, I downloaded and installed Any DVD and it copied fine, The only thing i am not too keen on is it seems that any dvd is a TSR type of programme, and i would prefer one that can be used and then closed, I have enough that stays active like MSN, Skype, Avast Virus, A Skype phone app. etc etc,

But for future reference, what is the best DVD ripper and copier prog out there. if there is a best or is it just personal preference.

Thanks again chaps,


There is no problem with anydvd. Just close it like a regular program and it wouldn’t be in the background. Also deselect anydvd from startup and then it should be fine. Like an alternative you can use dvdfabdecrypter.


Maverick Did U try DVD Fab It’s a magic that U will find