Can't copy Disney's Dumbo



I have anyDVD4.5.6.2 and CloanDVD2. I also have 1clickDVD. I have tried to copy using both but nothing works. Any answers? :confused:


try DvdDecrypter and see.


thanks Nosmartz I will try that next.


well tried it…got to my hard drive…burned it using 1clickDVD…plays…but no sound


how did you rip it with dvd decrypter?(File,iso,…stream processing etc…)
Maybe try DvdShrink also could work.
If you have an RW you can practice with that.Even try cloneDvd to burn the files with instead of 1clickdvd and see.


there are 2 ways to test the result before burning, so you do not need RW in most cases. Of course this is for playing on computer.

  1. If the result is ISO, mount it in Daemon Tools and play from this virtual drive.

  2. If the result is files in VIDEO_TS folder, just use DVD player on that.

It is easy to test with freeware Windows Media Player Classic program, it can do both of the above. (the mounted ISO DVD is actually in File/Open CD-ROM)