Can't copy disk w/Win XP or Roxio EX CD 5

I can’t copy a CDR I have with a 698MB MPEG on it, onto a blank Memorex 700MB CDR (80 mins, 52x multi speed). The same 698MB file is also on my hard drive, but I also can’t copy it from there, either. I’ve done it in the past, but just wasted 6 CDRs trying unsuccessfully. I tried with Win XP’s built in CD copier, and Roxio’s Disc Copier feature from the Easy CD Creator 5 software that came with my PC - no such luck. I also tried putting the 698MB file into a Zip file, but I still couldn’t copy it.

I haven’t done any software changes, and I can successfully copy smaller files, so I think it’s the 698MB size that’s the issue. I think I know what the problem might be: after the copies didn’t work, I deleted the temporary files the system created. Although the file states 698MB as its size, the temporary file’s size was listed at 715MB in the Recycle Bin. The disk was given to me, so I don’t know how it got on to its 700MB CDR in the first place, but does anyone have any ideas how I can copy the files to a 700MB CDR?

715 MB in windows explorer should actually still be small enough (I think 717 MB is the limit). To be sure, right click the file in windows explorer and check its properties. If the file size on disk is less than 700,000,000 bytes (the number in parentheses), it should be small enough to burn and your problem lies elsewhere.

If the problem isn’t size and you still need help, perhaps you can give us more info on how the burns are failing.

does the burn process terminate with errors or finish successfully but with no data on the disc when you check it?

Thanks to you both, btspm and Ghosters, for your prompt replies! I did check the properties for the MPEG and it said “698 MB (732,237,204 bytes).” So, btspm, maybe I exceeded that 717MB limit you speak of.

But when I check the properties for a blank Maxell CDR in my CD/DVD drive, the numbers I see are “Used Space: 0 bytes = 0 bytes” and “Free Space: 737,271,808 bytes = 703MB,” which leads me to think I can squeeze the file onto the CDR disk. As I said, I’ve done it before, although it did take a few tries. And yes, Ghosters, I receive a “You have successfully written your files to the CD” at the end of the process, then when I double click on the file, my hard drive makes noises like it’s still looking for the file, but can’t find it. The only way to stop it is to eject the CD.

As I said, the CD with the 698MB MPEG must have gotten on to the CD somehow. Is there any way I can shrink the file, or fool my burner into thinking it’s smaller? What about those 800MB/90 Min capacity CDRs I’ve seen?

because its an mp3 disk…in roxio 5…try it as a data cd project…instead of cd copy, I’ve had luck this regard, keep it an iso 9660 w/ joliet extensions.

800 meg cd-r’s are iffy, they are not red-book compliant, if work…limited playback…stick with 700, may wish to try nero express ( the free trial version) see if you get better results…:slight_smile:

you are not taking into account lead in and lead out. The file is too big.

May seem silly but can you not just use a larger disc if your CDRW supports it. 800/ 900mb disc are around.

Should read all of the thread before I start typing it seems.

If 's its already on a disc you SHOULD be able to do a stright Disc-To-Disc copy. No more data should be added.

I think it’s Roxio personally, I used 5 platinum and still do certain projects…as far as the XP “default”, I think we can all agree that sucks.

I’d be interested to see if he probed that disc with an idntifier, if it would comeup as a 700 mb disk to start with…the source disc, perhaps it’s just an overburn or an 800

Just a follow up - I gave up on copying the file. Maybe I’ll get Nero or some special software just for CDR copying. Thank you one and all for the assistance. - ken