Can't Copy Dark Crystal



yeah, so Im in region 1 and so is the movie and Im running AnyDVD in the background and using clovedvd2.

Ok, so I put my movie in my drive, then I click on Clone DVD, change it from DVD-5 to DVD+R DL (yes my drive writes this) then next through all the selection stuff (the speed is set to max, the output is to my DVD drive, everything looks good) Then I click on Go… and it seems to create the movie files just fine. Untill… after its done copying, it ejects the disk and asks me to put in a writeable media, which I do. I insert a Double Layer DVD+R. It tries to continue and then it says “OH NO!” hehehe sorry, but I find it kinda funny… Anyway it says…

Writing to video media was not successful:

Source Data Too Large

This writer is not capable of writing the source data as requested

To write these DVD files, please use the “Copy DVD Files” or “Clone DVD” option from the start screen.

yup, thats it. Can anyone help me please? :confused:


You sure you have a good blank disk? Use one of the many identifier programs to check and make sure you have the media you think you have.


yes I have a good disk. I was coping DVD with another program (which produced really bad quality DVDs) and the disks were fine. So I know it’s not the disks.


What was the other program you used? DVD-DL to DVD-DL should be a straight copy, no transcoding, no quality loss.