Can't copy Borat DVD using DVDFab platinum

Could someone please help me? I’m trying to copy the Borat dvd using DVDFab platinum but it’s not working. It says process completed successfully but when i put it into my dvd player and press play it doesn’t work, the dvd player goes back to stop.When i put the dvd into my e drive it has 2 folders Audio-TS and video_ts. The audio folder is empty but the video folder contains the movie. What am i doing wrong?

The audio folder always empty, but some players will not play a DVD without it. Audio is in the video folder. Please post more information including name of burner, brand of player. media used with media code, version of fab you are using etc.


Thanks for the reply, all i can really tell you is that i’'m using DVDFab platinum (i purchased it about 2 months ago). Is there any updates i may need for it? The burner i have is part of the hard drive. It’s a HP computer - pentium 4 - lightscribe DVD writer/CD writer. The dvd player is a player/burner and the brand is samsung. I hope i’ve given you the information you need, i’m new to all this.

Hello pkralev
Need to know what version of DVDFab you have and what type of media disc (DVD+R or DVD-R) some standalone DVD players will not read the +R disc "BUT if you make a change in commen settings/write, where it says “WRITE TYPE OF DVD-R MEDIA” the default is Packet writing change it to SAO WRITING and dvd players that do not read +R will read and play it, also you may want to download and install the newest version which you can find here
Please reply back and let us know if you still need help.


If you purchased 2 months ago, you are several releases behind.


Hi pkralev,

Are you using the version or above? If not, please try latest to see the result:

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