Can't copy (back up) red surface dvd

i have a dvd with a red tinted surface on the bottom wich i can not back up.
i’ve tried almost every program but no one works. i have anydvd, clonedvd, alcohol, etc… they all report a reading error. its not a broken dvd cause i have a few. can someone help me? thx

Would these by chance be Sony DVD movie releases? Such as Hitch or The Forgotten?

hitch was one of them yes. also welcome to the jungle and spanglish. they all had a red reflecting surface.

I can confirm that I have sucessfully backup up Hitch and Spanglish (R2, PAL) and yes they were the horrible red colour discs that Sony use. They are protected by Sony ARccOS protection. The good news is if you go to and download the lastest version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 you should have no problem is backing these discs up.

However, some members of this forum has reported problems with the discs themselves. Make sure that this disc is clean and scratch free. If that still doesn’t work post back and I am sure there will be a few other suggestions.

thx buddy, i’ll try that. i have anydvd now

Newest AnyDVD is at - that is why you will be having trouble - a lot of the newer updates are specifically for ARccOS problems. Hope you get your problem sorted!!


When you can’t back something up, the FIRST thing to do is go get the latest version of the backup program.

I love it when people come in and go “why can’t I back up these DVD’s” and it turns out that their version of AnyDVD or DVD Decrypter is like a year old.

if i have any probs backing up a dvd including red discs i use vobBlanker to rip,then dvd shrink,then clonedvd2 to burn and i have no problems,even with sony protected discs,

If u are doing this wont u take up more time then the usual anydvd+clonedvd, shrink+dvd decrypter or dvd decrypter+anydvd+shrink.
these are all 2 step process but urs sounded like a 3 step process and wont it kill more time.

The VOB Blanker process can be QUITE lengthy, as VOBBlanker can take EONS to wade through the structure protection on an ARCCOS disc. And it’s not guaranteed to get it right.

Just use a tool intended for that purpose, like DVD Decrypter or AnyDVD.

agree :iagree:

everything works fine now with the latest versions.
maybe i should read more of these forums first before i start messing around. thx and greetings

You’re welcome. Everyone has a brian blockage sometimes.

On an ongoing basis it amazes me that some people just never think to update their programs when they get stuck. But I know I have my own mental blocks, and stuff that I don’t think of that’s obvious. So to each their own.