Can't copy audiocd's on-the-fly



Can someone please help me ?

I have a problem. I CAN copy cd’s
using Adaptec CD Copier but then the last
2 seconds of each track will be left out.

If I use Nero and copy on the fly, the cd’s
fail because I get an error when Nero starts
burning the 2nd track on the cd.

Using Easy CD Creator, the first 25 seconds
of the first track are fucked up, and the
rest of the tracks work just fine, can
anyone help me with that ???

Pleaz’ mail me at


Tha Sentinel


I don’t know if the problem you have is the same one as I had but:
When your reader is on the same cable as your writer you have a bigger chance of failure cause your writer is slower than your reader and then your reader is slowing down to adjust! So you must make sure that they are on different IDE cables! But to make sure that you have succes you must make a copy to HD first before burning! In Easy CD Creator you must select the files in the below window holding ctrl (select them all in one time!), and then press rightmousebuttom and select “prerecord to wav”!
Good luck!


that’s not it.
it’s because of the cd reader it’s ide!
it can’t copy digital music you should have a scsi reader for that.
With other words you can’t copy on the fly with music cd’s on a ide machine.

you should first copy the music files (wav) to your HD with audiograbber and then burn it on a cd-r with cdrwin (my favorite)

it’s by the way (i think) always better to first copy an image or wav files to your HD and don’t use on the fly. this way the change of a buffer underrun is a lot smaller (and you get less coasters )

hope it helpes


Hmmh! I’ve copied dozens of audio CD’s on the fly with Easy CD (the only thing I use it for) and not a single coaster yet. Asus 40X and HP 7570 are both on IDE secondary with Asus as master and HP as slave.