Can't copy audio cd



Hi I’m new to burnin stuff, I have created abucket full of beer mats trying to copy an audio cd,it burns a couple of tracks at the most then throws out the CD with a undefined error message.
I have tried using Nero 5 and Easy Cd creator neither work with Audio, but I can burn photos from my hard disc with no probs. Is my source cd drive knackered?

Alan :frowning:


Try copying to an image and then burning at a slow speed also what does it actually say this error message and what is your system setup incl make and model of cd-burner.


what do you mean by image,

I’m on another machine at the moment so I can’t recall exactly the error message, other than it wasn’t a specific one.
The writer is a LG … I can’t remember I will have to check tommorrow, the origine cd drive is Samsung… don’t know that either.
All probably of know use at all to you!


Not really but what exactly are you trying to do, are you trying to do an exact copy of a disk or making one up (ie different tracks from different cd’s/mp3’s)


Copy exact, on the fly,

someone has told me to copy onto my hard drive first then burn.
Is this correct.


It’s possible there is some scratch or unreadable area on the original audio CD. Instead of trying to copy the whole CD on the fly, you can use a ripper program such as Exact Audio Copy (EAC) (this is freeware) and it will do its best to copy the digital audio to your hard drive.

By using EAC you can see first if the songs are copied properly. You will not lose any quality–the WAV files are bit by bit duplicates of the data on the CD. EAC will show you the checksum for every song–it lets you test first, and if the CRCs match you know you have an exact read. If the CRC doesn’t match you may have a pop or a skip. If there’s a scratch on the CD which the drive can’t read you will have that. You can try to correct it with an audio editor first.

You will end up with about 40 to 60 megs per song–the songs will be WAV files. Then you can use Nero to create an Audio CD (select Audio CD) and just drag the WAV files in the order you want Nero. It will burn you a normal Audio CD.

PS: you can also compress these WAV files into MP3’s which will be 10 times smaller–you can then put 13 hours of music on a CD. But you need to play it on the computer or get one of these widely available portable CD players that play MP3s as well. It will also work on some MP3 capable MP3 players.

Good luck! Hope this helps!



Thanks Tek

I like the idea of copying as MP3 onto a cd. will that play on a cd player as normal.


Hi a thompson,

If you put MP3s on a CD you can only play it on the newer CD-Players that have the MP3 capability built in. Most new DVD players also have that capability as well as showing JPEG pictures on the TV. I’ve seen portable MP3 CD players for as low as $40.

Really convenient to have 11 hours+ of music on a single CD!