Can't copy any DVD since downloading anydvd 5.5.?

I’m not able to copy any DVDs since upgrading to the latest version of AnyDVD. I can’t find any links to restore version What should I do?!!!

Do you happen to have System Mechanic 6? It disables AnyDVD every time you run it if you don’t change the settings.

I have all versions for the past several months if you want them. :iagree:

Nothing’s wrong with Your update just didn’t execute correctly which is giving your rig a temporary hickup. You need for the new protections that started last week.

Go to the Slysoft website and download again, to your Desktop.

AnyDVD cannot be running when you update. Uncheck, in Options, “Start AnyDVD at Startup”. Reboot to clear Windows Services. Double click on, which you sent to your Desktop, and Reinstall Reboot again. Don’t cheat on any of the reboots.

If that doesn’t work, just uninstall AnyDVD (and reboot) and reinstall (and reboot). Turn off all Anti-Virus software when doing any of the above.

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BTW: Be sure you haven’t forgotten to back up your key safely (to diskette for instance).

I managed to upgrade mine with anydvd running with no problems :confused:

I know, me too, no prob. We probably have real clean, smoothrunning rigs. But some users have reg or sys kinks or conflicts from other programs etc. and the update’s uninstalling of old components routine fails partly or completely during auto or manual updates. They get errors like:

“Can’t delete AnyDialog.dll and AnyDVD.exe.”
“Error opening files for writing
AnyDialog.dll, AnyDVD.exe and ElbyCDIO.dll.”

and the update fails. Or the update seems to go ok but the user can’t decrypt or backup afterwards.

Tru and others have pointed out that disabling AnyDVD and doing a manual update often resolves the issue without a ton of troubleshooting of conflicts. Not sure of the exact thread(s) but I think the suggestion came from Olli or Elby originally.

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I have tried all of the above mentioned and still have the same problem. I carefully followed each step. I’m using 1clickdvd and clonedvd2 with AnyDVD. It goes through the motion just fine but when I burn a disc and place it into my cpu or dvd player it gives the the message “no disc detected” or something like that. Before I upgraded to Anydvd from each burn was smooth and flawless. The same is true now but I don’t have a copy of anything after 1clickdvd/dvdcopy2 + AnyDVD goes through the motion. I’m not sure what to do from here.

I don’t know anything about 1clickdvd or dvdcopy2.

But what version of CloneDVD2 are you using?

And what brand and type of blank media are you burning on?

Did you switch brands lately or do you bounce back and forth buying different media brands?


It’s quite possible that the drive’s autoplay is disabled, to where it takes no action and wouldn’t detect the disc.

@ OklaRaider,

If you are using the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software program combination there is absolutely no reason to be attempting to use 1ClickDVD. Strongly suggest removing all traces of 1ClickDVD from your system if you are using the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination. There have been reports of conflicts errors when using AnyDVD-CloneDVD and 1ClickDVD.

To alleviate any confusion visit SlySoft ( and download the latest versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD.

Please confirm exactly what software program you are actually using. If I am understanding you statement properly you are using a combination of 1ClkickDVD/CloneDVD/AnyDVD and having problems. You also state using the 1ClickDVD/CopyDVD2/AnyDVD combination and having problems. This summation correct? If so you are using these software programs incorrectly. You are attempting to use two transcoding software programs at the same time, which will lead to conflict errors.

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I finally was able to burn a back up copy. I did everything mentioned above but prior to that I cleaned my registry and deleted dvd43 from my cpu. I also did everything with with my virus protection program disabled.

Hey, you’re back. Just one backup worked or is everything running smoothly for several backups? Do the copies play correctly?

Even having DVD43 on the same machine, running or not, is a major conflict with AnyDVD. You never mentioned DVD43 before this post. When you deleted dvd43 you still might have not gotten rid of all components & changes that it made to your system. But that may have been your problem all the time! You posted:

“but when I burn a disc and place it into my cpu or dvd player it gives the the message “no disc detected” or something like that …”

That is the exact symptom typical for the DVD43 conflict.

Time to update again since you posted last. Suggest you update to AnyDVD which resolves the DVD43 issue forever. Don’t be afraid to update just cause of this experience. You just had a know problem and you just didn’t tell any of the doctors here enough information to fix you up. (although at least one of us should have picked up on “no disc detected” in your post #8) So I guess some of us a practicing without a license or never went to medical school!

Don’t go to the slysoft website ( is not there yet) go to this thread and download it. Read at least post #1 about DVD43. Read more if you are the curious type; lots of stuff on the DVD43 conflict.

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