Cant copy Andre Rieu Gala Concert



I have just purchased the latest AnyDVD copy software which was unable to copy a DVD Andre Rieu Gala Concert :frowning: I then downloded a trial of DVDfab 5 which worked. Have I wasted my money?


well…technically all u have to do is grab dvdfabHD decrypter which is free…and dvd shrink which is free and you can do it all for $0 (as these apps are free)

anydvd is always essential though as it can rip BR discs and is its own ripper (can rip the dvds by itself)…dvdfab is ok also…in a way its like dvd shrink in that it can do it all(rip, compress etc)…but dvd shrink hasnt been updated in a few years so you’ll need anydvd running in the background to get what you want…also dvd fabs results(picture quality) arent as good as some other dvd compression software but for what most “consumers” see…it does just fine :slight_smile: