Can't copy American Graffiti-directory not found

I am unable to copy American Graffiti.

I have to browse to find folder with Video_TS directory manually, click OK and message appears: directory not found: E:/VIDEO_TS

What can I do to copy this classic movie?



@ dgossett,

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Since you are posting in the CloneDVD Forum it is assumed that you are using the CloneDVD software Program. To prevent any confusion please visit SlySoft ( and download the latest most up to date version of the AnyDVD-Clone software programs.

Also suggest after downloading the latest most up to date version of the AnyDVD-Clone software programs and installing them that you thoroughly clean and inspect your copy American Graffiti and ensure that it free of scratches or any other defects.

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There is an incompatibility with 3rd party software on your machine.

Solution 1:
Uninstall or deactiveate the offending software. (Packet writing software, anti virus scanners, etc.)

Solution 2 (a workaround):
Drag and drop the VIDEO_TS folder to your harddisk, and use CloneDVD from this location.

I should have done a search by Topic before I posted my problem.

I found the solution from a previous post submitted by cybergrandad back in June, and it worked for me also.

I learned something new today, thanks guys.


I have exact same problem. Could you please include the post that has the solution since I couldn’t find it.


Only two posts above yours: