Can't copy all of a new dvd

I’m trying to backup a new dvd I bought the other day and I seem to be having problems doing it. I’m using DVD decrypter and then DVD shrink to do the backup and then Nero to burn it but the dvd player refuses to play them.

I have backed up dvds like this before and played them on that particular dvd player and so I know that the discs should be fine as is the dvd player.

I’ve tried to burn at a lower speed aswell- the lowest I could go is X2. I’ve tried buring in Nero and in Dvd decrypter but both are the same.

I’ve choose to verify the data on the disc after the burn and I’ve saved the error report.

Error Report

As I say: I’ve used the dvd burner, discs and dvd player before in backing up dvds etc.

So what else can I do?

I’ve also tried other discs aswell as dvd re-writables.

I presume that this is a copy protection problem as the first error I got up was with DVD decrypter. Also though the disc appears to be blank when I put it in my dvd player if I press menu on the remote control the dvd menu does appear (just not automatically like it’s meant to) and I can watch episode 2 and 3 but not 1.

The dvd is the BBC version of Casanova.

I’ve tested my burner out by burning other discs and they came out fine.

I just tried using clonedvd and anydvd any now the menus automatically come up like they are meant to but now I can play a single episode!

wonder what DVDFab would do with it
One all else fails for me I use my LVW-5005 hacked and a DVD player to make a copy

Hi :slight_smile:
Try dragging DVD contents to HD then rip/shrink whatever from there to blank DVD.

I tried dvdfab and I didn’t have any luck there. I also tried to shrink it directly from the disc but that too did not work. I might ust leave it for now as I’ve wasted alot of my dvdr discs.