Can't copy ac dc family jewels need help

anydvd copies 27% of disc 2 and thats it. can anybody help me

It works fine here metalman69. Try cleaning the DVD.


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Suggest viewing the below SlySoft Web Link.

As you can see from the above description of the AnyDVD functions that the AnyDVD software program doesn’t copy anything. So can you explain in detail exactly what you mean when you state “anydvd copies 27% of disc 2 and thats it”.

From the extremely limited information you have provided it is impossible for Forum Members to provide any meaningful assistance to you.

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I have same problem.
I used “clone” and “full copy” method with DVDFab Platinum and no success. Something hapening if burning process exided 25% . I also have try this with Nero–no help.

ACDC disk info (Nero info tool):
copy protection—css/cppm
Track path---------oposite track path(otp)