Can't copy a protected download (not a CD) Help!

Purchased a protected business software from a company that no longer exists. The program was downloaded directly from their site. I don’t have a CD from them.
Now I want to burn it from my desktop and install it on
my new laptop - I can’t. It’s protected. Help, please!

Just to be sure - I don’t want to copy directly to the laptop, I’d like to burn and have a stand-alone CD.

you can not do a full working backup from a program that is installed

If you have the original files then burn them with Nero. Help here

You could try using Symantec’s Cleansweep to try to do a program backup. Then just use Cleansweep to “restore” the backup to your other system. There would probably be some instability with your system initially, especially if you’re using two different versions of windows, but in the few times i’ve done it, that instability usually gets fixed after a couple restarts.:slight_smile: