Can't copy A Fond Kiss (US) new copy protection system?



Tried using AnyDVD with dvdshrink, clonedvd2, dvddecryptor and 1 click dvdcopy - none would make a working copy - only a copy with a scrambled movie.

It looks like most parts of the movie are scrambled/garbled. Only the extras/trailers will copy correctly.

Has anyone had this issue or been able to “backup” this movie? Is this a new copy protection system?


Close AnyDVD, then shrink will copy.


I agree with Fishpunt try DVD-Shrink first with Anydvd disabled and if that dos’nt work try this method.
Use Anydvd running in background with VobBlanker version which is free software follow link: then run processed files thru Dvd Shrink and burn.
All Sony ARcoSS protected discs which include Layer Cake, Little Black Book,
Resident Evil 2 and The Forgotten have all backed up first time using this method. I use Lite-On 1633s x16 Dual Layer burner with Traxdata 8xDvd-r disks.
I’m assuming that it’s the Sony ARcoSS you’re reffering to as I know of no other as yet.


Why not try with the latest version of AnyDVD, v


Hi there, I had the same problem, so I went ahead and clone the whole movie with cloneDVD from in to an ISO image, now that software removes copy protection and that kind of stuff, so mounted the Iso image in virtual clone drive and used clonedvd2 to remove aditional features, languajes and that kind of crap, burned it to dvd and now I have a region free, crap free dvd, and my original one is safely putted away in my collection box.


giloz, please don’t post links to warez sites, it is against forum rules. :frowning:




I’m Really Sorry, I will not do that ever again.