Can't copy a dvd made on a dvd recorder

I’m trying to make copies of a dvd made on a liteon lvw5006.

The original will only play in some dvd players, and I’m guessing it’s because it only records on dvd +r (stand to be corrected on this).

I’ve tried Nero, Pinnacle, DVD Shrink but none can do anything with the disc.

I want to be able to somehow extract bits of video from the dvd, store it to my computers hard disk and then using my dvd re-writer burn it back.

The dvd’s have been finalised, could this be why ?

Any help appreciated

Fantom :bow:

try tmpgenc dvd author. guide to get u started @

and try burning to dvd-r when you finish

On what drive are you tring to read the DVD to copy to your computer?
What’s the brand and model of the disc?

The DVD you want to copy probably has many low-level errors and your drive can’t cope with them… some are better at reading marginal-quality discs than others.

Best app to make an exact copy of a DVD5 is DVD Decrypter used in ISO mode, but maybe you’ll need a less picky DVD drive.

“The dvd’s have been finalised, could this be why ?”

short answer: NO. :disagree:

Good luck :slight_smile: