Can't copy a copy

I successfully copied a two disk DVD movie with AnyDVD Both play on my computer and stand-alone DVD player. Tried to make copies from these first generation copies and disk one copied ok. Disk two can’t be recognized by AnyDVD Turned off AnyDVD and computer can play the disk. Using Plextor PX-708UF with fast Compaq/xp-home/LeadData 4x DVD-R.
Any suggestions? Thanks.

> Disk two can’t be recognized by AnyDVD <

Can you please describe more precisely what this means?

I’ve just started experiencing similar problems. Some disks that were readable in DVDROM or DVDRW are now not. AnyDVD reports that the disk is not readable and suggests 4 possibilities - none of which are appropriate. Sometimes just a message asking me to insert CD. If I uninstall AnyDVD the disks are then readable. The only recent changes I have made were 1. Installed DVDinfoPro and 2. Updated firmware for NEC2500a. I have undone both those changes and things are OK now! Coincidence?

I get the same 4 error possibilities as sunsys100. I have tried to remove AnyDVD from my computer and have been unsuccessful in doing that. Guess I will delete the program from the Program Files directory and the registry entries and reinstall to see if that will work.

Yes I had difficulty in uninstalling until I killed the anydvd process (task manager).

If I’m correct you are trying to copy a copy.You don’t need AnyDVD to copy it, as all encryption has already been removed. If it still wont copy (not using AnyDVD)Play it in your PC then try again.

You are correct that AnyDVD is not needed to copy the disks where protection has been removed, but the crucial point is that AnyDVD appears to prevent READING of these disks.

Today I again tried to copy Copy#2 disk by turning off AnyDVD and opened CloneDVD2 but got this error:

“Error Opening Video Files From:
Unable to open file.”

This same disk will play in the computer and my stand-alone DVD player.???

It may be worth ripping it with SmartRipper or DVD decrypter until you find a workaround for this problem.I don’t use clonedvd2 but I do use AnyDVD and have never encountered this problem.Have you tried other backups to see if it happens on them.Could just be the one disc it doesn’t like?

Last night I tried to copy the problem disk using GEAR DVD Standard 6.05 and received a read error. I was able to copy the good disk #1 OK with GEAR, so I think I have a bad disk #2 copy. I will try making another disk#2 copy from the original disk today.