Can't copy a copy?

I make movie only copies of my DVD’s for use in my laptop which is fine. I recently had a DVD player installed in my truck and figured I would make another copy to keep in a case for road trips.

Instead of using my original I figured I would just do an ISO read -write with DVD Decrypter of the copy I already made.

It starts out fine but then It always hangs about 3/4 of the way through and won’t advance.

Then I started getting curious and tried to rip the files from the copy. Again, it was a no-go.

Does DVD2ONE install it’s own copy protection?

Real pain in the ass because to make an additionl copy i have to rip the original all over again and then recompress with DVD2ONE and then burn again. It adds an additional step which shouldn’t be necessary.

drag and drop the copied files from the disc to your hard drive.

then burn a new disc.

You shouldn’t have any problem copying a copy.

I would look at the media you are using first, as from how you describe things, it sounds like a media problem.

Try using a good quality disk like a Ritek.

You should be able to do a sraight copy.

I have copied a copy by using recordnow dx exact copy

Nope dvd2one does NOT install a extra / new copy protection!

Just bad media or a not so good burn. Use your burner to make the ISO image as it will read a lot better then a DVDROM.

Well i will try using my burner to read the ISO instead of my DVD rom drive and see if that makes a difference.

Media shouldn’t be the problem since I have no playback issues with it.

Thanks for the suggestions.:cool:

You’re not Vic Mackey from ‘The Shield’,are you… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: