Can't Copy a copy




I purchased Clone DVD2 about a month ago. It works great, but I have a question that I can’t figure out. My Brother took our family home movies and had them professionally transfered to a dual layer DVD. I made a copy of his disk for myself using CloneDVD2 set to shrink it down to fit on a 2 hour disk. I set it to make an ISO Image of the disk and it done that perfectly.

I then burned that image to my blank DVD-R ( verbatium ) and that burn went perfectly also. It plays perfectly in my DVD Player and and on my computer. So about 3 days after that I deleted the ISO Image to free up the Hard Drive space. Well, my sister and I watched it and she wanted a copy of it. I went to make her a copy from mine and it wouldn’t copy. I kept getting Read Errors, and other things. I know the disk is not bad, because we watched it and it was fine.

I was wondering, is this because of the new Transcoding process? it doesn’t matter if you set it copy just the video part or the whole DVD I still get read errors. This happens with every disk I backup. I have all the latest versions of AnyDVD / CloneDVD / DVD Shrink / Dvd Decrypter. I’ve tried everything. Set DVD Decrypter to rip the files to the hard drive no luck, Make another ISO Image no luck.


What media are you using and what is burner/firmware? It could be a media problem - try scanning the disc with CDSpeed to see if it actually has write errors on it.


My Burner is a Memorex 16X Dual Layer with the latest Firmware BWSE. I use Verbatium and Fuji DVD-R disks and I burn at 6X on disks that are rated 8X. Like I said this happens on any disk I backup. It doesn’t matter if it’s a movie or any other, or what type of blank media I use. It will copy and play fine. I just can’t make a copy of a copy if I wanted to.

it doesn’t bother me to bad because I can copy it for myself, and that’s all I want, and it works fine. I would just like to know why this happens. Also I don’t use my Memorex Burner to read the disks, I use the DVD-ROM Drive that came in my computer ( Compaq computer and Compaq DVD-ROM Drive 12X ). I only use the burner to burn disks.


Okay - you seem to be using pretty decent media - have you tried to read the discs using your burner? Sorry if I am ‘teaching you to suck eggs’ here, but you should be able to make a copy of a copy you have made no problem - I would like to see you get to the bottom of this!!


Just because your DVD player plays it doesn’t mean it will/should copy fine. Sometimes a disc with errors or that will not copy will play fine in a standalone DVD player.


Hey Everyone

I got the problem solved. For some reason my Compaq DVD-ROM couldn’t read the copied disk. I put it in my Memorex Burner and it made an ISO with no problems. Just to make sure, I made an image of 4 disks that I had backed up and everyone worked perfect. It’s just weird that the Compaq DVD-ROM will read the original, but it can’t read the copy. Oh well, at least I know how to do it now if I need to.


You’re making a copy for your sister because she owns an orignal and needed a backup, right?


That’s correct.


I didn’t realize copying home movies that were mastered by a professional, who was paid for the work, was a violation of copyright laws.
Oh my what is this world coming to.


Just curious, were you cloning the complete DVD or copying existing files?