Can't Copy A Copy, Why?



Using the latest versions of CloneDVD & AnyDVD I have had GREAT success backing up all of my DVD’s. Never made a coaster. The problem comes when I try to make a back up from one of my back ups. It won’t work. When making my backups from my originals I always use the top button in CloneDVD and accept all the defaults, basically just clicking next, next and GO. And I have AnyDVD set to all the defaults. Most of the time when I try to make a copy of a copy it gets to a percentage (like 9%) and just quits. I have to CTRL+ALT+Delete out of the program. Sometimes it even sends me to a blue screen. What am I doing wrong? What should I be doing?

Thank You


You can use CloneCD to make perfect copies of a copy. Just did it.


you said you always use the top button. Try using the middle one, clone a dvd, to do the copy of a copy.


NO, you use the 3rd button to make a copy of a copy, it’s called ‘Write Existing Data’, this means the trancoding engine will not be used.

But, his problem has nothing to do with any of the buttons, he still should be able to copy a copy with any of the 3.


Try this: Just use explore to put the image of a copy onto your harddrive, then choose the 3rd button and locate the movie and then choose your burner.

Also, You do not have to use AnyDVD with this process


Thank you for the help. But can you tell me what you mean by, “put the image of a copy onto your harddrive.” Do you mean to just “copy” it someplace and then navagate back to it from CloneDVD?

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One more thing you maay want to check.

In AnyDVD under CSS keys tab, click on it and uncheck the box. Delete all the entries that are in there by right clicking then select delete.

You may have a CSS key in there from the original burn that had the copy protection. It no longer has this copy protection but may still be using the key as a reference point possibly causing you the problems. I never keep CSS keys, only takes seconds to read the DVD. As Hamp said you don’t need AnyDVD enabled when you are making a copy of a copy, the protection has already been removed.


Yes that is what he (Hamp) meant. Just copy the contents of the Video_TS from the DVD to any directory of your choice on your hard drive. Then while using the 3rd button navigate to that folder and highlight the Video_TS directory. If ther is an Audio_TS folder on the DVD you need not copy that, it is always empty.