Cant copy 2 dvds




i am trying to copy 2 dvds on nero 7 but when the burn process starts it says that the destination dvd don´t have enougth space…

its something like this:

source: 4.458
destination: 4.450

can anyone help me ?


Then either you have to transcode them to a lower size or try with DVD-R media.


i see…
but why i have to do that if i can copy them in other lg recorder?


Perhaps you are not explaining your problem very well. The source disc image exceeds the destination, so perhaps instead of trying to do a disc to disc you should just copy the files.

What drives are you using? Which ones work, which don’t? Are the medias the same, or are they different?

The quality of the responses you will get here will depend greatly on the level of detail you supply.

Brother Vlad


let me see if i can explain better…
i dont know the model names of the recorder… all i know is that they are lg models ( if its extremely necessery ill check what models they are).
the problem:

i have a movie dvd ( alredy ripped and recorded in a dvd) kow i want to copy this dvd to other. but when i try it says that the destination dvd doesnt have enougth space…

but when i trie this on other pc doing the same things it works fine…

i dont believe that is a space problem…


google about the overburn-function. It will explain it.

source: 4.458 -> was produced with a burner where overburning was possible.

destination: 4.450 -> perhaps the burner has no overburn-function


That won’t help in this case. LG writers in general don’t support DVD overburning.


Hello gemini_II and welcome to the forum,

I suspect the kind of discs used is the real key to this. If I remember correctly, either DVD+R or DVD-R discs are slightly bigger than the other. I’m betting you are using different discs on those two writers. Try to use the same kind of discs (DVD-R or DVD+R) as the original you are using and see if that helps.


yes… yesterday e noticed that the source dvd is dvd-r and the destination is dvd+r…
its a good reason… but my other lg copies them perfectly… :expressionless:


The capacity of current DVD media is :

+R : 4.3775 GiB (4483 MiB)
-R : 4.3840 GiB (4489 MiB)

What units do your numbers represent?


my numbers are not the real ones… they are just to describe taht theres a very small diference in the capacity… its smililar to that onde u posted…
know that i know they have diferent capacity… tell me…
why can i copy them in other computer whith other lg it copyes them … i´m starting to be a little bit confused :slight_smile: