Cant Convert Avi To Dvd Properly

Ok I’ve been trying to do this for nearly a week and its starting to really annoy me. I have some ripped AVI files from dvd movies that i am trying to burn to dvd for my home dvd player.

I have tried using :

DVD Santa
And WinAVI cobvertor 7.7

ALL of these have failed to make satisfactory dvd files for my player

First attempt : AVI2DVD
Converting : Metal A headbangers journey.avi

I leave the program to do its thing for an hour or two and all goes according to plan. I burn the files in nero and its runs perfectly in my player, except for the fact that its missing around 20-30 minutes of the movie out that are on the original AVI file.

I get annoyed and try dvd santa instead.
Even worse this time it burns with the whole movie on dvd (approx 3GB) and the image is all greeny and blurry (kinda like an inverted color picture) and the sound is near perfect.

So then i tried winAVI convertor 7.7 and the same happens except i just previewed the film while it converted and it looked exactly the same.

I have the Xvid codec installed
and tried burning at low speeds (but now i know its the conversion thats the problem).

Is there a solution to my problem as i’ve read of other peoples troubles with this too with no answers?

Thanks in advance
Eddy. :slight_smile:

p.s. I would provide a screenshot but the preview doesn’t come up in print screen :iagree:

I use Win AVI Convertor on my avi files ato convert them to VOB files and it works perfectly. Plays on all DVD players.

When AVI COnvertor asks you to choose a compressor, select cancel. Ignore it and continue to convert.