Can't convert avi movie to DVD, what's the go?

I am having problems converting avi movie file to DVD.
I’m downloading avi movie from morpheus,and would like to view it in partial,from the start while it keeps downloading the rest of the movie.
The program I have tried is nero.
I went into nero,clicked on make your own dvd,clicked add video files,(Which I tried to transfer from my partial folder).AN ERROR CAME UP SAYING,“Unable to insert”.
I have also tried playing part of the movie on nero,and power dvd without any luck?
What is the problem?
If I waste weeks or months downloading the rest of the movie,will I have the same problem? :doh:

Get Videolan (VLC). this will probably be able to let you view it. It works for me with emule & bit torrent downloads.

dont crosspost.

Anyway, me and TimC seem to agree on VideoLAN anyway.