Can't consecutively copy 2 DVD's without restart!



I have got the latest CloneDVD and AnyDVD installed. My friend lended me about 40 DVD’s to copy. I can copy 1 without problem, but when I try to Clone the next DVD, it doesn’t see any dvd at all! If I goto My Computer, it just says CD-Drive. (It IS a DVD-Rom Drive) In order to copy the next DVD, I have to restart my computer! Even closing CloneDVD and AnyDVD won’t help! I even tried logging off! Still only fix is to reboot! I’ve even tried uninstalling/installing theDVD-Rom through DeviceManager! Is it a defective drive??? :a :eek: :sad: :frowning: Any help?


You sure you don’t already “own” the DVD’s and are just making backups?


Yea.I bought them a while ago, but they got scratched and I would like to see my movies without buying a new copy!!


Problem solved! I thought that I had the latest version of AnyDVD! I didn’t! lol whoops. Swore I did!!


LOL!!! :iagree: