Can't Connect To Wireless Internet XP



Hi I have an XP computer and a Trendnet RTL8187B USB Wireless Internet Stick. Whenever I connect it to the computer a Bubble pops up saying “USB divice not recognized, One of the usb devices has malfunctioned and windows doesnt recognize it…”
I have visited some websites like:

Knowing that i have drivers for it, i install them and get a Textbox saying “This Divice canot start (Code.10)”

I have google it and got no solutions…

I have also confirmed that the adaptor works by testing it on the computer i used to type this…

BTW My spelling sucks…


Do any USB devices work? Does your XP have all the service packs? Do you have more than one USB port to test it with?


All of my usb divices work on the computer. I have 4 usb ports. Doesnt work in all of them. I have no idea how many service packs it has. However it has worked before. So i think i have service pack 1 or 2


No idea really. If it works in a different PC and all of your USB ports work, then it could be anything. Since this uses a Realtek chipset, maybe you can google RTL8187B and see if any drivers are available. I’ve never tried anything from Trendnet. Does it show the same error code 10 if you check the Device Manager?


Yes, and I already have the drivers :rolleyes:
I also have a webserver running on there so i need internet fast!




As I said, no idea. Just a shot in the dark, but see if there is a chipset/driver update for your motherboard, especially for USB. Maybe a bios update also?