Can't connect to the liggydee website

Hello to all. Just joined here a few days ago. I have the NEC 3550A. I’ve spent the last few days reading and learning as much as I can about the drive. All of you have provided a wealth of info and I’ve learned a lot already. I can’t seem to connect to the liggydee homepage. I keep getting a timeout error. I’m running
Firefox and IE browsers on WinXP SP2. I could connect last week but no go all this week. I have a high speed cable hookup. Any help is appreciated. The 3550A has performed very well with Shrink and Nero 6.6.

It’s up here, same for the 3550 sub-page;

@krellnor, what link did you use?

I used this one

I used it last week but I keep getting the timeout error this week. Disabled my firewall etc. Still get the time out error. Starting to drive me nuts. :sad: :slight_smile:
I’ll never get the updated firmware with Binflash 1.25 at this rate.

You can also download it from my site. See the link in my signature.

Many thanks for the link. :bow: I’ve bookmarked your site as I still can’t get to the LiggyDee site.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

back up now