CAn't connect to internet

I have a machine here running XP pro, that I just formatted and installed … everything is running great, cept, it will not get past local area connection … I tried what windows help told me, and I can’t even find 1/2 the stuff they are yakin about in the network connections …

Hence, still no success … I am at the point where I really dunno what to do next … I had the same issue with my other machine here, and one on the mainland, but they are both Vista and I seemed to be able to resolve the issues quite fast …

Dunno what I’m missin (besides what little I had left of my sanity) in the settings… so I am about willing to reformat the whole thing and try again … :eek:

I am running a D-Link 5 port router… and it works fine as this machine I am using to type this help post, is running off the same router hub :confused:

Help :confused:

How about your network drivers…did they get reinstalled ?

Yes the network adapter is installed … it is working fine according to the properties window. :confused:

[QUOTE=AllstonAaron;2298548]I have a machine here running XP pro,[/QUOTE]

And this bit of information assists me in what way? :confused: