Cant connect both 7950gx2 AND 7900gt

WAIT!! Before you read any further and post, I am NOT trying to SLI these cards. I just want to connect my 17" to my 7900gt, using one pci express slot, and my 20" using my 7950gx2 in the other slot. Ive got a seasonic 500watt psu. My mobo is an asus a8n-sli premium. So not full pci express bandwidth on both slots. I get a red light on my board come on (the warning light) when i boot my pc. It just doesnt work. I can boot up , with the 7950gx2 working on slot one, but device manager doesnt even see the 7900gt. I am thinking its PSU related as Ive already got 2 dvd writers, 2 x hdd’s, and am using two PCI slots for wireless and firewire 800. The firewire 800 is powered by a molex connector.

Can anyone give me any input???

I am also having problems connecting two monitors to the one 7950 gx2 card. Great huh? The dual monitor mode in my nvidia settings is greyed out. Any ideas there?? Using forceware 91.31 forceware.

have you tried uninstalling the forceware drivers then rebooting? to test if it is PSU related you could unplug everything thats not neccessary, ie: second hdd, one or both opticals, floppy, intake/exaust fans (not the cpu fan tho :bigsmile: ), lights, remove both pci cards, etc.

I’m not sure exactly how the gx2 works, but IIRC you cannot run more than 1 monitor with regular 2 card SLI enabled, so maybe there is a way to switch the gx2 from SLI to normal mode :confused:

Yeah, the strange part is that the 7950gx2 has 2 dvi ports. I cant understand how it doesnt have the option to connect two monitors. Whats the second dvi port for then??