Can't configure sound card in tunebite

I just paid for and installed Tunebite. It can’t autotmatically configure my sound card (SigmaTel C-Major Audio). What do I have to do to configure my sound card manually?
I’m using a Dell 9300 laptop. I tried to use the slider 'to get the levels in the yellow range" as per the instructions…but the levels fall just short of the yellow area.
I am a complete noob when it comes to this stuff so any advice would help.

Tunebite uses as default it’s recording driver(virtual sound card) for fully digital conversion. And what you are trying to configure is your own sound-card. That is important only if you are trying to make an analogue conversion(not recommended, because it’s not perfect quality as the digital one).
Just try to use Tunebite without this setting and it should work ok.

How do I check whether it’s in default mode or not? When I open up the audio pane it shows my audio card not a ‘virtual card’ and shows my manual setting(slide is all the way to the top of the scale)…

Due you have Vista or Windows XP. According to some reports, Vista has protected media path with supposedly prevents recording onto the computer using certain applications.

xp media center edition 2005

Usually, when Tunebite is installed, the highspeed dubbing function is set active by default. But you can check this in the Menu option -> Record tag. The check-box in the upper left corner “Use High-speed dubbing”. If that is checked, then your Tunebite will use it’s virtual driver to convert.

I am having a similar problem but slightly different as well.

  1. I click on Tunebite and it says Welcome to configuration wizard. It tells me to hit Next so i do.
  2. I type in my serial number and it says thank you for registering. I hit Next.
  3. The third screen is Sound Card Selection. It shows that red green and yellow box. I cannot pull down any of the tabs. All the tabs are gray and I cannot click anything on the screen besides Back Next or Cancel. In the box under the colored box it reads: No sound card has been detected. You need to install a sound card to be able to use the automatic background mode! Since i cannot do anything i click next.
  4. The next screen is High-speed digital dubbing. Nothing shows up except a little box at the bottom that says “High speed digital dubbing is not available.” Now my only option is to hit Back. I cannot go any further.

Could anyone please help me with this. I have been stuck on this for about a week now and do not know what to do. I am a huge noob when it comes to this kinda stuff. TIA.


stoybin1203, make sure that your Sound card drivers are up to date with Vendors support/downloads website …
Could you maybe tell me what type of Sound card do you use ? …
If Tunebite still fails to autodetect your Sound card after Update , please try the following :

  1. Unistall Tunebite from your PC , then begin installation again. Only when installation setup arrives at the point when it will try/ask for detecting the Sound card and then Video test , please cancel the autodetection process.

  2. Exit Tunebite

  3. Go to Tunebites installation path (by default it would be -> C:\program Files\Tunebite\ … and search for the file “Config.ini” … edit the file and search for the line “ConfigRunWizard=1” ->> here you must make sure that the value is “1” so if you have “0” please change it to “1” as mentioned before.

  4. Now you must start Tuenbite and go to Tunebites Options -> Record -> click on the button “Detect Capacity” to install the HighSpeedDubbing devices.

  5. Do a short test with a audio or video file … and see whether you obtain good audio/video quality .

Also, please reply with detailed information regarding your PC configuration status :

  1. OS version ?
  2. TB version ?

i believe my soundcard is Realtek High Def Audio (With RS). That seems like the only information i could find. I hope this helps.


Have you tried what I suggested?
What operating system do you have?
Tunebite Version?

hi all!
I use new version Tunebite converter, it name’s Tunecab - it is done specially for me, captious and critical man.
At home I have Vista, and using this converter with pleasure.
If saying truly this prog I’d like more then previous

I seem to be having the exact same problem with my new Dell XPS I just got. It has the SigmaTel C-Major Audio HD drivers installed (even re-installed the drivers from the CD and used Windows Update to get any later versions). I am running Windows Vista Home Premium. And I am running the latest version of Tunebite.

I don’t think it recognizes my sound card at all. When I go into the options for Audio it has three options in the drop down, (System Default, Digital Out (SPIF), Mic/Line in (or something like that). I think I am suppose to have Stereo or High Speed Dubbing in that drop down?

I have not tried your steps in post #8 yet but I might when I get home.

Hello emo_boy,

Please let us know if the following helps :

  1. Uninstall Tunebite from your PC.

  2. Go to installation folder (where Tunebite was installed… by default it would be c:\Program Files\RapidSolution\Tunebite), delete the entire folder if it is still present.

  3. Go to the following website and download your latest drivers for all your DELL XPS Laptop components :

  1. Download latest version of Tunebite from our website and before installing it please do the following :

I. Please do not rename our installer package.

II. Please make sure that your Windows has all the latest (relevant to your system) updates installed.

III. Please also make sure that VBScripting is not switched off in your browser (Set the security settings in Internet Explorer -> Extras -> Internet options -> Security level-> Medium-high).

IV. Now please try the installation again with the following parameters:

    - Please execute the following command using

    - Windows Start -> Accessories -> Run  

    "{PATH}Tunebite.exe" /L*V RS_Installer.log

     {PATH}= path to desktop (where you downloaded the latest installer kit of Tunebite

   By default, desktop locatin (Path) would be 
      C:\Users\{your logged in account}\Desktop\

Please send us ( this log file ‘RS_Installer.log’ (also saved on the desktop) so that we can see where the problem lies.

  1. After installation is finsihed, please go to Windows -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Whether you got the whole 9 Tunebite HSD devices installed on your PC.

  2. Please start up Tunebite, go to Options -> General -> Activate the log files generator (Write support info to log files) and then switch to -> Unprotect -> and try both settings :
    (1) -> Use High-speed Dubbing and
    (2) -> Use sound card

Try a conversion with each of these settings and see whether you get sound in the exported files types

  1. There would be another thing also :

In case if you are able to listen to the purchased audio media files, then you could check the “Automatically intercept and record protected audio files that are played back in WMP and iTunes” -> Which would capture automatically the played back protected media file.

Any success?

I didn’t see that post of yours last night but I did play around with it a little more. Under Un-protected (or DRM can’t remember) I clicked th HSD button and it said it found 9 slots available. However, when I clicked the other radio option (configure your sound card) it still said it couldn’t find my sound card.

My question is, is this a big deal? Are there big advantages of using the analog mode or using your sound card versus the high speed Tunebite drivers? Wondering if it’s worth my time to do all of those steps if it appears to be working okay.

When I run the program with an audio file, it says digital at 1x. I tested the file afterwards and it seemed to work just fine.
(I wish it could go faster than 1x though!)


Tunebite does not support high speed conversion on Vista operating systems at the moment, as also mentioned on the website, so you can go on and use the HSD function with 9 available slots to convert multiple files at a time.

If you have the time, you could however try to go through all the steps mentioned above…

Hi guys:

I need only capture audio from system and record expressivo soft speech voices because expressivo text to audio not work.

I have windows xp

tunebite Is very dificult to configure for me.
please help

scuse my english:


Hello cuerdadeplatino,

Welcome to the forum.

Can you please give us some more details on what exactly you want to do?