Can't close CopyToDVD CD burns

Using a Plex Premium, I’ve attempted a number of times to close a disc burned with CopyToDVD, ver. The source material have ranged from bin/cue to iso files --same open disc result every time, whether using CD-R/W or CD-R media. My only solution has been to use Nero to close my CTDVD burn (!!) to make a usable disc – kinda defeats the purpose, no?

Yes, I’ve unchecked the “Do not close at completion” option – only setting I can find relating to the issue. Is this a bug in CopyToDVD or am I missing something?

Raj :confused:

We reproduced the problem, seems to be a Plextor specific issue.
Under investigation…

I look forward to your fixing the problem, as I like CopyToDVD very much…despite being foolish enough to keep purchasing Plextors the past 8 years :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

The “Do not close at completion” option in the “General” tab refers to the writing/log dialog window, if checked the writing/log window will not automaticly close when the burn is completed.

And the problem still persists with your version A pity.

3.0.18 was an interim release, which was actually ready before we noticed the problem. We already have a fixed build, which will be released soon after further testing.

Thank you! I’m looking forward to it.