Cant choose recorder with Bundled Nero Package

Hi all… i am a newbie and have just bought a LITEON 24102B CD_RW.

The problem is that i cant seem to choose the recorder to burn when i am prompted to in the first place. It reads
“Sorry, nero version can only be used with the recorder it has been bndle with”
But the nero disk (V5.578) was the cd given to me.

I tried to upgrade it furthr to nero 5.8 but was still unable to do it. All i was able to choose was to burn an image. :frowning:

The cd says that the nero is for Win NT and Win 95 whereas i am using Win 98 SE. Could that be the reason. If it is, where can i get the version for Win 98 SE.

Please help.

Was it a retail and not opened package?

Because the Nero version shipped with a Lite-On will only work with a Lite-On and no other drives.

If it was a retail and unopened package I recommend you to go back to the store and complain since you got a Nero version that is made for another brand of writers, and not for a Lite-On.

Im sorry but theres no other way out other than that?

The Nero burner can detect the writer just thaty i cant chhose it…

I am sorry to be asking so many question because i just bought the writer and was excited, but i have already been trying for ard 6 Hrs.

Sorry and Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m afraid there is no other ways around it. You simply have a Nero version that will not work with this writer.

Thanks for all the help OC.

Will try as u requested. i’ve just got a few questions to ask u… does the driver comes buildin with the nero software.
Theres was no other softeware yet the driver was detected. also i could read from the cd_rw.

Does that means that nero actually complies with my driver?
Or is the bundled nero actually a seperate sofeware?

Lastly the software did not prompt me for the serial number during installation, Why is that so?

Sorry to have disturbed u so much but it seems that you are the only one that replied me.

Will go down to the computer vendor tomolo and hopefully will get the right copy this time. :slight_smile:

Will get back to you once it works

Thanks for all the help you have given

My understanding was that the bundled Nero Software had an install routine that looked for the appropriate drive at install, and that once installed it was a full version. This would tend to disprove that theory.


It will look at what writer is on your system (or writers) but it contains an embedded serial number which must match a particular drive make.

Basically, the make of writer it works with or perhaps a ‘general’ capability is only set by the serial which is within the registry.


Hi icey and Orinoco… Problem solved and guessed wat…its the reatilers fault. When i went over to there it seems that i was not theonly person thats was having problem as there was another person there with the same prob.

I just need to take my old nero bundled pack to exchange with a new Nero 5.58 version…an improvement from the Nero 5.578 version :slight_smile:

Its now working perfectly and i have already burnt 2 disk. Little for mostof u guys but a milestone achievement for me!!!

Thanks OC to. Your advice really worked. Cheers to OC :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a problem with the software that came with my burner also. It would only install about 3/4 of the software ( Version ), and then lock-up on me. I found and downloaded version with a good keygen, works great :slight_smile:
I found version, and It upgraded with no problems. :slight_smile: