Can't choose bitsetting in ND-1100A!

I have a ND-1100A flashed with 1.H1 firmware from the etna page. I just realized that everything I’ve burned has the DVD+R booktype! This is based on output from DVD Identifier and Nero Disc Info.

In Nero (, I have chosen “DVD-ROM” and “Current recorder setting” but none of them work. Have I missed something? I hestitate to burn anymore until I find a fix.

Any help appreciated. Thanks. :sad:

After doing a search, I figure I’d try necwinflash to set the bitsetting permanently to DVD-ROM. I’ll give it a shot to see if it works once and for all. Haven’t firmware flashed in a long time… glad to finally see one that does it under Windows.

This is a great forum. :slight_smile: